About Us

Our microbial collection is predominantly consisting of different strains which include members of the genus Bacillus, lactic acid bacteria, viruses and fungi. Only the most effective organisms with unique and specific abilities are selected and commercialized.

Numerous analytical instruments are used such as the real-time PCR system to quantify the DNA of the target microorganism.

High efficacy, stable and long shelf life end products are produced via the proprietary fermentation and purification techniques. This elevates us above and beyond others in this field.


Hatake Global aim to offer unique ORGANIC solutions to:

Reduce Fertilizer Usage by 50%

Improve Growth & Yield by 10%-30%

Replacement of Hazardous Materials

Reducing Global Warming

Replacement of Antibiotics


A Global explosion of population combined with the steady effects of climate change are forecasted to create a worldwide food shortage in the next 20 years. These can be affected by shrinking farmland, poor soil condition, overuse of chemical fertiliser and antibiotics, poor control of fungicides and bacericides and more. Our main objective is to improve sectors in agriculture, aquaculture, environment, and mankind.

  • We aim to cultivate our land sustainably and responsibly as we believe that “A Nation That Kills Its Soil, Kills Itself”
  • We live by the motto that we do not inherit this earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children
  • We live by the rule of Love Life, Live Healthy, Live Hatake


Key Personnel

Executive Director Vincent Tan
Director Anne Ch'ng Ai Lynn
R&D Prof. Dr. Hesham
R&D Dr. Mohammed Daniel
R&D Dr. Solleh Ramli
R&D Dr. Siti Zulaiha


Our research and development values are rooted in our heritage. We find sustainable solutions with
our customers, consumers and government institutions.

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